Who we are

About Phantom Fortis
We are military veterans, and 2nd admendment advocates, proud to have served our country, and proud to continue our service by lending a hand to the firearms community.

Note from the founder

I want to personally thank you for considering Phantom Fortis for your next build. I promise you that my moral code as a person, as a veteran, and a business owner, will be your biggest asset in moving forward with your next firearm commitment. I want to arm the nation with firearms that they know how to use, which match their needs, and that fit their budget. With the cooperation from our fellow manufacturers, we have found a way to bring all the elements together so that you can create one masterpiece of a tool, made up of US craftsmanship, quality, and grit. Thank you for choosing Phantom Fortis Armament as your custom AR design team! We look forward to serving you as we have for years.
- Michael Ray Reed founder/veteran USN "Semper Fortis"

How we began

Our first civillian CAR15s/M4s/AR15s, were not off-the-shelf, mainstream rifle selections, because we were unable to find a strong and reliable firearm like we once held while in uniform. We enjoyed the process of the custom build and were successful in making superior firearms. In the same way that our many military brothers and sisters join hands in the mission of protecting this great nation, we wanted to provide a place for the many manufacturers of high quality AR parts to come together to help you build your version of the perfect firearm.

Our name


We know not every soldier, nor every mission, gets the credit it deserves, and we will never know the sacrifice of every fallen brother or sister on the battlefield. We also know there is a hidden hero in all of us that is ready to be unleashed if your fellow man calls upon you. This is the Phantom. Don't ever undedrestimate the person standing next to you; never assume you have the advantage; and always be ready for the unexpected. We are a small company of elites... you may not see us coming, but you'll know we were there.


Strength consists of a willingness to succeed, the ability to ignore fear, and confidence in your training, abilities, and equipment. this is the Fortis. We seek the strongest, highest quality materials, to build the strongest firearms, to make us the strongest in our field. We are not afraid to think outside of the proverbial box because we know we have grown stronger as a group, a military, and as a nation by doing so. We offer a home for all the elite companies to add their element of expertise, so that together, we rise strong.

The crew


US Navy veteran; Former New Orleans Deputy Sheriff; Automotive Industry Quality Assurance Specialist, Film/Television Producer/Director/Creative Designer, Photographer and Graphic Artist, holding a BA in Communications and Leadership, and Father of two beautiful daughters; Michael utilizes a vast array of life experiences in working with and assisting Phantom customers achieve their ideal custom firearm design. Working as an Intermediate Level Jet Turbine Mechanic and Quality Control specialist for the F/A-18 Hornet, and training with Joint Special Operations Command, created a foundation of mechanical and tactical knowledge that lended to beginning a career in the firearms manufacturing community. When you work with Michael, you get a creative spin on your purpose driven firearms package.



Born and raised in St. Louis, MO. Matt is a graduate of DeSmet Jesuit High School and the University of Missouri-Rolla. Serving 9 years as a police officer for the city of Sunset Hills and then 9 years as a stay-at-home dad, Matt brings a unique mix of experiences to Phantom Fortis and oversees a wide variety of our production processes. From design concept, research and development, to final assembly, Matt's attention to detail will assure your finished product turns heads at the range.


Rick Gorman served our nation for 7-years as a Staff Sergeant in the USAF in a variety of capacities, including Security Forces Police, Combat Arms Instructor, and Armor, with multiple tours to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Rick continued his public service in the law enforcement community for 9-years as a Municipal Police Officer, Field Training Officer, and Supervisor. Rickey takes Phantom productions to the next level with his Cerakote craftsmanship and techniques, while incorporating his years of firearms experience and training to assure quality meets functionality.



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