Choosing the length or stack of Raptor that will best suit your needs is entirely up to you. All Raptor spirals (baffles) and Raptor components are made in-house from 100% titanium, and it's fully welded design allows for a tubeless system which is inherently very lightweight. The shorter the stack the lighter they get, at the consequence of reduced sound performance. A hunter that has a lot of hiking to do may opt for a shorter, lighter Raptor, as would someone building a home defense rifle or a LE department looking to keep the OAL of their duty weapon short. On the other hand, someone shooting recreationally or long range who isn't counting ounces or inches might lean towards a Raptor with more spirals to achieve better suppression.

raptor technology

Built to serve as a solution to the multi-gun and multi-caliber dilemma that suppressor owners face, the Raptor comes in a variety of lengths & calibers to suit your individual needs. Each Raptor suppressor connects via the provided Reflex mounting system or flush mount. You may also opt to utilize the Raptor Adaptor to convert the base threads of the suppressor to the "industry standard" 1.375x24 thread pitch for use in conjunction with a wide array of QD mounts on the market. 
The Raptor uses spiral shaped baffles to keep the gasses moving while reducing back pressure. Utilizing the Reflex mounting systems greatly increases the suppressor volume without increasing the overall length of the firearm. The Raptor comes in 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .338cal and .375cal, as well as lengths from 2 spirals to 10 spirals, with Reflex mounting options from 1" to 5".

AB spiral tech vs dead end baffles

Plain and simple, our spirals are designed to be more efficient. Using spirals verses conical baffels gives the gases something to do rather than slamming into an angular wall or hard corner. By peeling gases off of the bore and sending them into a spin, we can greatly reduce the energy to those gases quickly and efficiently. As the gases lose energy, the spiral can be fed with more gases. This spinning effect burns off energy rather than trying to stop it. AB Spirals Technology significantly reduces the back pressure created with each shot. The reduced pressure also creates a much lower tone, making for a more pleasant resonance at the shooter's ear.
Interchangable mounting systems and end caps allow the Raptor series to be used on a wide array of different host firearms. Using the correct aperture end cap for each caliber increases performance and is critical to maximum suppression, though not required for use when shooting sub-calibers through a larger bored Raptor.
high-temperature cerakote
C-138 Jet Black high-temp, air-cured Cerakote is the industry-leading thin film coating for duty grade suppressors. We choose this because it withstands full-auto temperatures without failing, has low IR signature, and provides great abrasion resistance. this coating will not boil, bubble, or become discolored under hard use like its baked-on counterpart; H-series Cerakote.
With the utilization of Titanium, we achieve a longer life for the suppressor and also keep the weight at a minimum to allow for better accuracy and a better overall shooting experience. The Raptor's spiral, end cap, blast chamber & mounts are all constructed from 100% Titanium.
welded construction
The circumference welded construction allows for a maximization of internal volume for optimal sound performance, adds durability to the overall build, and makes for a tubeless design which decreases total system weight.
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